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Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June.

Black_Kitty at 1:01AM, June 2, 2006

Got a whole batch of news for you guys today~

The Quack released their June issue recently! It features an interview with hpk, some very delicious comics and many more! July's theme is going to be “summer vacation” and if you're interested in contributing, contact Eleika about it! She's always looking for contributors. :)

Speaking of hpk, he's holding this Superhero contest and offering five full trade paperback graphic novels as prizes! If you have an awesome superhero idea and want to win some comic books, check out the thread!

Hey it may be June but before you know it, October's going to come roaring around the corner and you know what October brings…Halloween! Don't let your webcomic characters sit around eating the chocolate bars they told the cashier were for kids. Take them to a party! The Halloween Cameo Caper 2006 to be exact! :) Let your characters mingle with other characters so you can both have fun on that spooky night.

Don't forget DrunkDuck Fusion XIII! Tyrapendragon is still looking for some participants. If you're curious as to what a Fusion is, check out the forum thread and see past Fusion projects here!

Mafital is one years old (chest acne?) while Lindgren Cartoons is approaching its 50th strip soon! (Classic style~)

And a message from Spambot:

Jeremy and I are about a month away from finishing our second issue of “Here There Be Robots”, and just like the print version of issue 1, we will have 4 pages of “extras” at the end of the comic.
What we would love to do, is fill that with a mix of fanart and letters to the editor that we could answer.
We will try to cram in as much as we can, so if you want to be in print, at least in some small way, send stuff my way!
You can either pm me here or better yet email them to me at thespambot (.at.)

The Gigcast has another podcast up for grabs this week! They've also been releasing Drive By reviews every Monday now. Those of you who listen to the Gigcast would notice that I've been recording DD news for The Gigcast lately. So again, if you guys have news you want mentioned on the newspost, just send Skoolmunkee or I a message over the forums and if I know of it in time (I generally record on Monday-Tuesday) then I'll mention it on the Gigcast too.

In other webcomic news, PvP released this video podcast showing the process of the comic. It goes pretty fast though but it's still interesting to see. Just scroll down and look for the May 31st newspost.

Hopefully I got everything in this newspost. O.o



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