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And sliding right in with more news~

Black_Kitty at 2:40PM, May 8, 2006

Better late then never right?

Robot Chuck is reaching its 100th strip this Wednesday! If you have some secret Robot Chuck fan art that you've been thinking of sending to x3022, well now's your chance! He's thinking of putting together a special big strip that incorporates all the fan art he gets!

As some of you may know, tyrapendragon is our dedicated organizer of the DrunkDuck Fusion projects. DrunkDuck Fusion XII is done a bit differently this year but is nevertheless, quite awesome. :D Tyrapendragon would like to invite everyone to take a look at it and enjoy!

MisterSpook and I had the pleasure of having our Drive By be The Gigcast's first. In it, we reviewed Culture Shock, a gem of a comic here on DrunkDuck! It's a pretty short clip but we do our best. :)

The Gigcast also released Kev Hayman (AKA Kota) Drive By recently! So go lend your ears. :)



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