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Ice-T is a reputable actor

skoolmunkee at 3:51AM, May 15, 2006


The Quack!

You heard me.

Also, the Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards starts its nominations round today-ish!

Anyone with an online comic is eligible to participate, but there are some restrictions as noted in the procedures and rules documentation. However, there is no restriction on which comics can be nominated for any category, the most nominated cartoonists for each category will be contacted individually.
That means that in order to nominate someone, you have to have a comic of your own. To register for nomination, you need to go to the site (linked above) and contact them on the e-mail address they have posted. Only the comics with the most nominations will end up in the finals lists, so you have no excuse (unless you don't have a comic)! So anyway, now's a good time to register!

Interesting Forum Things!
A network/community webcomic idea: This “comic” is not really a true webcomic in the traditional sense. What they are looking for are people who want to express their feelings or emotions in art and/or words. Sounds interesting!

Top Drawer Idol: Join the fun in helping to choose a moderator for Top Drawer. Campaigning is taking place in the stickied threads, and voting will open on the 18th, so get them while they're hot!

As always, there is a current Weekly Writer's Challenge (Golden Gamers), and a comic under review (Four Bats).

Comic Milestones!

Today, Kxela's comic Lost Invisible (which sounds like a very sticky situation indeed, no matter how you interpret it) is two years old! That's nearly 8 months old in ancient sea turle years!

Tomorrow, dapperdan's Stupid Machine Comics will end its first miniseries, “Adventures To Planets”!

On Wednesday, the comic (not the car) Prelude will be 50 pages old!



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