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Where does all this news COME from?

skoolmunkee at 2:59AM, Nov. 6, 2006

Publishing news!

Darwin invites readers of her webcomic Gemutations: Plague to take a look at the origins of Tigershark and Angelina in the prequel novel! Available on the Authorhouse, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble websites is her recently published book, “Gemutations: Mercenaries and Angels.” (You can search for the book by title or by author Denise Randall.)

Synopsis of the story:

Tigershark is a gemue mercenary working for a very ruthless businesman. Angelina is just trying to elude pursuit after escaping from strange experiments that left her shades of white. When their two path's cross, Tigershark will find that everything that he has held as true in his life comes under question.

The writer of Innocent (editor of Devilfish Project & Alecto : Songbook, all here on DD) has a comic series out called Family Bones that is in Diamond Distributor's list of “Certified Cool” comics for November. The series is based on the true story of the oldest married couple on Missouri's death row. :D Sounds like fun! Also by the same team is Devil Water, a horror/western that's gotten a lot of A+ ratings by many comic websites. They are both published comics so ask for them at your comic shop!

Also the entire Alecto : Songbook webcomic is already published and available exclusively at King Tractor Press, so if you like the comic and want to support it, they'd appreciate the business! :) All their comics look really lovely so you should check them out!

Webcomic Milestones!

AngelVixie is reaching her 200th Hand Drawn comic! Congrats, that's a lot of hard work!

Aussiekid's Golden Gamers has reached 200 pages (and is also coincidentally off its hiatus)! Yay!

Live near the Twin Cities? Like webcomics?

JillyFoo is trying to start up a webcomic meet-up group, for people who are interested in meeting fellow webcomic makers and fans. It sounds like a fun opportunity and, conveniently enough, everyone attending will have something completely in common! She's got a thread with more information if you are interested!

Community stuff!

Don't forget, there are always lots of new comics to check out in the Hey Everyone Look What I Did forum. It's a good place to browse around for new comics to read!

If a more in-depth look at the comics is your thing, check out the Comic Review forum - it's a great way to see what other people have to say about comics, and they are always looking for reviewers! (Note that this forum has rules about getting your own comic reviewed, so don't just go in and post a plug… read the rules.)

Also, there are always lots of people looking for help, conversation, co-creators, projects, etc in the Networking & Community forum. So if you are looking for an opportunity to do a bit of art, writing, or collaboration be sure and check the place out!

Phew, I think that is everything…



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