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I'm a terrible housekeeper

skoolmunkee at 2:49AM, Nov. 10, 2006

I'd like to remind everyone of just a couple of rules. (Bear with me please!)

Firstly, userpics (the ones that you can upload in your control panel) - these really need to be kept to 35kb or less. When these start piling up in the comments sections of pages, and in the forum threads, they make for huge downloads if everyone decides they need 100kb userpics. (I've seen some that are over 1mb- come on people, really!)

Secondly, images in forum signatures. People like to have banners, etc, which is fine. I'm not sure what forums some people are coming from, but some banners I've seen are really unreasonable. Please keep signature images to approximately 480x60 (wide by tall), and under 70 KB. (This means all the images in your signature should fit in an area about that size, not that you get to use as many big ones as you want.) It's okay if you want one that's a bit shorter but taller, but please be moderate. :)

There's a forum thread with the forum rules and an example size for signatures.

Thanks everyone! :) We do appreciate it!

Publishing News!

ZoeStead, who does several comics here on DD such as the popular Earthbound, is also a published author! She tells us about The Amulet of Vichalace in a forum thread and even gives an excerpt and links to some other related bits. Although it isn't a comic publishing, being published at all is pretty awesome, and she tells us she owes it to her comics anyway!

Community Stuff!

Don't forget the Secret Santa signups are still going on. Get while the getting is good!

Aeon is holding a contest for her comic, Nancy the Necromancer. You can win cool stuff like handmade knitwear! (How many comics can offer that, eh?) There is a thread with all the details in the forum!

Comic Milestones!

suzi's wonderful daily comic greater than colon O is practically falling all over itself to celebrate its 200th strip (which was posted Thursday, oops, this is a little late)! Go check it out, say hi, have some air!

That powerhouse of a comic Magical Misfits is reaching its 300th comic on the 14th of November. Where does he find the time, I want to know? I don't think I've drawn 300 pictures in my life!



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