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Milestones and reminders ahoy!

skoolmunkee at 1:36AM, Nov. 17, 2006

A few days ago, Children at Play hit its 50th update! On top of that, kingofsnake's announcing a contest wherin if you send in a picture of yourself you win a chance to have a character model drawn based on you that will be a reoccurring background character from now on!

Cheeko's One Question (you remember that one, right? It was featured!) reaches 100 comic pages today! It also ends chapter 2, so stop by to say congrats and look forward to chapter 3!

Bird and Worm (that one was featured too!) has also reached 100 pages, so get a move on over there too!

carrollhach's Clench and Cheese (does that sound vaguely naughty to anyone else?) is 51 strips old today! (I would have said 50, but that was yesterday.) He's also posted some other print comics that you can find in his profile!

And for a piece of absolutely superfluous news, tells me that this day in history, in 1558, Queen Elizabeth I of England's reign began.

Also folks, don't forget that forum signatures need to be, in total, around 480x60 - I still see lots of people with ones that are too big, or two 480x60 banners (making your sig twice as big as it should be). :( I don't want to be a jerk but I'm going to start PQing people about it.

Lastly, don't forget that admins will delete any comment you report from now on! Since we announced that earlier, we've actually seen *fewer* comments come in, which isn't what we expected at all… so if you guys were holding back or something don't worry about that. T_T



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