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Thanksgiving weekend news!

Black_Kitty at 8:01PM, Nov. 25, 2006

So I totally have no sense of time. >.> But Happy Thanksgiving weekend to our American Duckers! :D (And if I missed it…uh, happy day anyway!)

But anyhow! A few days ago, Scarybug PQed me and told me a very awesome piece of news about his comic Nerdcore. He had designed an arcade style shooter game using one of his characters, Burnie.

But he took it one step further and integrated it into the comic! You get to play the middle panels of the comic itself and determine which of three endings will take place depending on how well you do in the game. :D (Nice music too!)

It's totally awesome and I urge you all to try it out! He posted it in his main site and will post it on the Duck soon afterwards. Seriously, I love this idea and it really takes advantage of the web part of the webcomic medium. Awesome work Scarybug! :D

Other equally awesome DD news:

DrunkDuck Fusion 16 sign up! Really fun community project and many thanks to Tyrapendragon for always organizing it!

This Ego of Mine is reaching its 50th page! As part of the celebration, Green_Tangerine is asking readers what the theme should be. More details at her site. :)

Hey it's not too late to sign up for the DD-wide Secret Santa! The request deadline is the 31st so do it quick if you're interested!

I think the current comic review is still Brutus. Lend your views and expertise! :)

Other interesting threads happening in the DD forums:

Show Us Your Desk! Curious about how some of your fellow Duckers' desks look like? Check the thread out! See how everyone else is much more organized then I am. >.>

Link exchange! Link exchange!

The Animation, Books, & TV forum has now been renamed to Media Discussion!

Forum post counts are back! …And some of you are very scary. :P

Anystar has been really sweet and offered up her time by making a marker art class for all to enjoy! Mykill has also been cool and created one too! There's also Aeon's hair tutorial and a nice thread about colouring lines! Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge you guys!

FIGHTSPLOSION! It's still happening and they're in their semifinals now! :D Go check it out!

Just want to remind you guys that Skoolmunkee is on vacation and won't be back until the 5th. So please do not PQ news or announcements to her but instead PQ them to the other admins. :) Feel free to PQ us too if you have any concerns. We would be happy to hear from you. :)



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