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Gigcast PLUS!

skoolmunkee at 11:57AM, Oct. 5, 2006

I have announcements too, oh me!

'cos I'll be shoving Volte's announcement down the page, I'll repeat it here first: The Gigcast has interviewed Volte and asked him a bunch of questions about new and future changes. So go listen!


On October 4, ZAKtheGeek's Pyro Icon reached its 100th Episode! Congrats on all the hard work. :)

Generic Human would like to say:
Hmm…I've never done this, but I guess I have a news announcement about my comic. Greetings and Salutations is a year old. Puzzah!

Not bad for a first timer I'd say.

Other announcements!

Drunk Duck Fusion 15 is ON! So get. Moving.

There's another genuine homegrown Drunk Duck project going on in the forums, the Drunk Duck Character Desktop Wallpaper Project! Go on, get involved. I know you want to.

Also if you are looking for drawing fun and good times you should check out the Nightgig Frightgig Chain!



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