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Gobble gobble~

Black_Kitty at 4:57PM, Oct. 11, 2006

It was Canadian Thanksgiving last Monday. :D I ate chicken though.

Contests! Contests! Subcultured would like everyone to know that he's holding a contest! The one with the most detailed critique of his comic Dreams in Synergy can request a painting of whatever they like from him. :D

Jillyfoo is also holding a contest to celebrate the upcoming 50th page of Demon Eater! Come up with a cover page for the chapters of Demon Eater! More information can be found in this forum thread!

Cindermain has put up a petition on getting the How To section back on DrunkDuck. If you like the idea or just want to know what's this all about, then check out the link! :D

Congrats to Inkmonkey and his fans for raising over $500 for his comic Elijah and Azuu!

Apparently Andrew Foley, the writer behind Cowboys and Aliens, is a Canadian! <3 If you live near Calgary, why not go and say hi? He'll be at the Banff Book & Art Den with Svetlana Chmakova, creator of TokyoPop's DRAMACON OEL manga trilogy tomorrow and on Saturday, he'll be at the Memorial Park branch of the Calgary Library with Chester Brown, creator of Louis Riel. (I think a classmate of mine is a really big fan.) Anyhow! Check out this thread for more details!

Moving along to the artsy stuff. Guest comic trade! Do a guest comic for someone and they do one for you in return~ There's also the DrunkDuck Halloween thread!

If you haven't heard it yet, check out Digital Strips' interview with Volte6 and Scott Rosenberg!

And don't forget the FAQ and help documents that Skoolmunkee made about the homepage and other features on DrunkDuck!

Gobble gobble~

Edit: This just in!
Fusion 14 is now complete! Head on over and check it out! :D



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