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Boo to the yah! We've got a new update!

Volte6 at 4:11PM, Oct. 20, 2006

Hey guys,

It's been a little while without a news update, so here's a quicky!

Girl/Robot is giving away buttons to those who want them! Get the details here!

D.J. Coffman has finally started putting up pages of the Hero by Night Diaries! This is sort of a prequel to the full story, and it's looking pretty freaking nice! For those who don't remember ( Or never knew ), D.J. was the winner of The Comic Book Challenge earlier this year, which will bring this webcomic guy to the print world for all of us to enjoy. But most importantly for us, it's bringing him to the Duck!
Check out the diaries and you'll see what quality we can look forward to!

All sortsa interesting debates going on in this section of the forums!

Also, we're working hard on improving some things for you guys on The Duck! We hope to release them sooooooon!


Just wanted to add that Mage Circle and The FLOOR have both reached 50th page! The FLOOR is holding a contest in fact! Here's a quote about that:

THIS weeks strip is the result of my manager challenging me to find a fun way to put the words “Football” and “Monkey” into the strip. What if…

I open that up to EVERYBODY?

Rules would be: Two common (REAL) words that are unassociated with each other.

All contributors that I use will get special mention on their appropriate pages and a printable PDF file link featuring their comic that they can print as a 8x10 mini-poster or iron on transfer or whatever they want to do with it. English only, please?

Contributors that give me a set of words that stump me will get a full collection of the first 52 cartoon strips with a bonus strip printed and bound at my expense in beautiful black and white and sent to them.

This will also celebrate a full 52 weeks, or one year, of weekly FLOOR madness as well!

And don't forget Halloween Cameo Caper 2006 and No Face Day!

More edits!

Hey guys! Remember The Adventures of Vindibudd Superhero in Training? Well I do! And Vindibudd is holding an ebay auction selling his work! Now is your chance to own some original artwork from the man himself! Click here to bid!



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