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A quick Announcement

Volte6 at 12:47PM, Sept. 25, 2006

Dear DrunkDuck Creators and Fans,

As you know last month we moved DrunkDuck onto its own dedicated server. Site uptime has greatly improved, the site is faster than it's ever been, and everything gets backed up once a day!

Then we launched the first major design upgrade since the new site went up. Not just a new site design, but new tools and functionality too.

And this is just the beginning. On Wednesday v2.0 goes live with more functionality and tools than ever before.

All free. And it will stay free.

How can we suddenly do this? As reported today in the New York Times, last month DrunkDuck was acquired by Platinum Studios, and they've given me resources I've never had before. Yes, I'm still with DrunkDuck. Actually I'm now also the Director of Software Development for Platinum Studios' New Media Group; the team responsible for building out and maintaining DrunkDuck. And all the other admins and volunteers are also still on board. But now I have additional technical resources, and amazing designers, some money we can put into the technical side of things, a really cool boss, and the Chairman of the company who is not just a comics geek, but who believes strongly in webcomics.

So what does this mean to you, the creator and/or fan? A better DrunkDuck! We've only just started the upgrades. Lots more to come, including better tools, better reporting, larger space for the creators, better community tools, email for the creators, more community tools and lots more.

We are also working out ways for the most popular webcomics to generate some revenue for their creator. Imagine actually making some money from your web comic.

So enjoy the new server, new design, and new tools. And look forward to just more good stuff from Drunk Duck.

Long live the Duck!

Dylan Squires,
Founder & Chief Administrator, DrunkDuck.



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