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Drunk Duck 2.0: The Upgrade

Volte6 at 3:05PM, Sept. 27, 2006

It's here! The biggest one-shot upgrade to DrunkDuck, ever.

I'm going to cover some high points in this post, but for details on all the upgrades go to the news page - oh yea, we now have a news page!

Editorial Feature: This cycles through 5-featured comics pulled from the Duck. These are comics the Admins, Duck Crew, or I, thought stood out in writing, illustration, hard work, or were just cool. We will try to add at least one new review every day. Old ones will fall off the front page onto the news page and then archive from there.

Your favorites list is now on the right hand side. Notice it now follows you around when you are on pages that are not sporting comics. Check out those new icons for personal messages at the top of your favorites. The biggest job we pulled off (it was a lot of work folks) was integrating the forums and a new personal messaging (we call it the Personal Quack) right into the main site. No more double IDs! It's all integrated and your master Duck ID is all you need. That also means any Duck member can now post in forums and send personal messages to any other Duck member, including fans to creators.

We've updated templates for creators, and even more exciting, any comic can now have a “home page” that includes the ability to have a blog post credits for your comic, have a table of content so people can go to chapter starts, and even list comics you recommend. All based on templates you can just fill out or customize as much as you want. Oh and a really cool ranking dashboard.

Some other quick highlights:
- Enable e-mail notification of updates on your Favorites.
- More categories for listing and searching comics.
- New broader rating system.
- New Personal Quack (PQ) messaging system
- Yes, we now do run trailers on the front page. It helps pay for the new servers.
- Yes everything on the Duck is still free. Duh.
- No, you didn't suddenly overnight loose your copyrights you nincompoops.

I know it's not everything everybody wanted, that's impossible, but it is another giant leap for DrunkDuck. We really are working to make this The Webcomics Community, and that means great tools for hosting comics, and for comics' fans. I think with 2.0 we are now hands down the best free comics hosting site on the web, with more tools for creators, and more community functions for fans than anyone else.

Our awesome dedicated Admins, and the whole Duck Crew, will be reading and responding in the forums, and we will try to fix anything that went wrong, doesn't work, or you just plain don't like, as fast as we can. You can tell us the stuff you like too. We do listen to you.

Thanks for supporting your local Duck.

Long live the Duck!

Volte6 aka Dylan Squires,
Founder & Chief Administrator



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