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The day after April Fool's newspost

skoolmunkee at 4:30AM, April 2, 2007

Black Kitty: Like a theft in the night I sneak in! But unlike a theft, I'm adding news instead of taking them away~ Well. Kinda.

Featured Comics Info!

Some people missed the earlier announcement so I'll just recap it here - we lost a few previously-featured comics out of the archive, so we've spent the last week or so re-featuring them as that's the easiest way to get them back in. :) Ultimate X will be the last one, after that it's back to regular features!

Creator Interview!

We've had the previous one up for a while (great as Chuck Rowles/Ronson is), and it's been time for a new one… As it takes some special effort to get a new interview all coded into the page, and I'm impatient, I've decided to just make a forum thread with the interview! So,;

(She would also like to apologize to anyone she may have forgotten. Poke her again with a PQ if she forgot to mention your news.)



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