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The day after April Fool's newspost

skoolmunkee at 4:30AM, April 2, 2007

Black Kitty: Like a theft in the night I sneak in! But unlike a theft, I'm adding news instead of taking them away~ Well. Kinda.

Featured Comics Info!

Some people missed the earlier announcement so I'll just recap it here - we lost a few previously-featured comics out of the archive, so we've spent the last week or so re-featuring them as that's the easiest way to get them back in. :) Ultimate X will be the last one, after that it's back to regular features!

Creator Interview!

We've had the previous one up for a while (great as Chuck Rowles/Ronson is), and it's been time for a new one… As it takes some special effort to get a new interview all coded into the page, and I'm impatient, I've decided to just make a forum thread with the interview! So, visit this forum thread to read an interview from carrollhach of Clench and Cheese!


(At LeFarce's request, I have removed the news item. But do stay tune!)


Sword of Heaven has just begun its third chapter (and looks like it needs some comments too, guys!)

Pinky TA is going to be 100 on Wednesday, and there will be a special celebretory picture to go with it!

The Planet Closest to Heaven has reached 250 pages!

Hyepractive Comics have reached a new chapter and what's more, a main member of the team is killed! D: Who could it be? Why? How? Tune in right now! Same Hyperactive Comics channel! Same Hyperactive Comics time!

I don't know if I mentioned this last time but I'll mention it again just in case~ CROSS WORLDS NEXXUS passed its 250th page! And ha! I got the spelling correct this time! :D

Meanwhile on the 9th, the comic The Author will reach its 30th strip! That doesn't include the Civil War pages. Concidentally, Politics: The Tanker's Way has reached its 30th page as well! And 30 pages later, Give Me The Sky has reached the end of the first chapter! (30 seems to be a popular number today.)

Heaven vs Hell has zoomed pass its 100th strip!

The same zoom zoom zooming has occurred in Brutus! Except it's its 125th strip and it comes complete with a revamped page!

Hey! Remember Faery Tale Grimm? Well it is quickly reaching 50 pages which is 7 pages away from the end! YuiPweeLi is also trying to figure out what new story she should start up. You should help her out by going to her forums and voting!

Not only has Electronic Revolutions The Burnhams reached its 2nd issue but it passed its 50th page as well! Simonitro promises much exciting things for the third issue!

50 pages is also the amount of pages Develles has reached! Yay!

And YAY! PiLLI Adventure will be 200th pages old!

Misc. stuff

Remember One Question? Cheeko is looking for a new colorist! Details at the link above. :)

Black Kitty has finished posting all her PQ-news related stuff on the front page. She would like to thank her fans, her agent, and these delicious egg rolls. Oh egg rolls, where would I be without you? ;____;

(She would also like to apologize to anyone she may have forgotten. Poke her again with a PQ if she forgot to mention your news.)



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