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Oh man I have like a million news announcements

skoolmunkee at 1:32PM, April 9, 2007

And I'm going to quote all of them! (Read them all, there's something in here for everyone. It's a veritable menagerie of announcements!)

Community project gets first announcement!

If all goes well Comic Remix will be updating with all the remixed strips on Thursday. Get excited!

I will be putting up the 75th strip of Rebound Monday morning!

My comic God Complex is going to run a page a day until I catch up with my first volume, which about four chapters ahead.

Yep… Innocent is almost to 100 pages. So to celebrate we're having a contest for one month. Starting April 15th and ending May 15th we will be accepting INNOCENT fan art. As we get them we'll post the art entries and allow the Drunk Duck community to vote. Everyone who comments on that page will be counted as a vote, one vote per person per page. Even though we will stop accepting entries on May 15th we'll continue posting them until they are all up. Three days later we'll count the votes and have a winner. The top prize is $50 and will be printed on the back cover of the next issue of “Family Bones” comic book distributed worldwide. (And written by the writer of INNOCENT.) We will also have a little prize for everyone who enters.

I'm having a fanart/fanfiction contest for my comic Just my Luck and I wondered if you could post it on the main site. The deadline is May 14th and there's prizes.

Just wanted to announce that my webcomic The Mighty Warlord just reached its 100th page and it also closed out chapter 3 as well. Also, thanks in great part to uploaing this comic here, I've been added to the leading indie studio here in Puerto Rico as a writer, but I'll write more of that in my webcomic.

This Saturday Bad Guy High is three years old to the day! It'd be nice if you could put that in a newspost for me, thanks.

I had a little bit of news for the newsbox. No Need for Bushido was just reviewed on the Digital Strips Podcast!

Also, No Need for Bushido has been handed over to the readers. I now have blank No Need for Bushido comic pages to be “remixed,” to have whatever dialog the readers want to add, then I'll update it here: No Need for Bushido Remix. It's sort of a Drunk-Duck-wide group comic. Of course each comic has space for the contributor to write their own site address in.

My comic The Brotherhood recently reached it's 25th page and I was wondering if you could put it in a news post. Please? :3 It'd be muchly appreciated!

My comic project, Shimmer, is having a birthday. Shimmer has been pretty much a DD exclusive comic ever since its release. It will be turning 3 years old on Saturday, April 7th. The DD archives currently have around 160+ full colored pages (hard to count with a number of fan arts thrown in there), and the comic is still going strong, updating a page a week every Wednesday even after 3 years.

For some reason, fern is ending two of his comics!
Hi, probably should have told yah last Friday but my comic BFF has come to an end at 100 pages.

And my other comic, They Are Night Zombies They Are Neighbors They Have Come Back From The Dead Ahhhhh will come to an end on (4.13.07) which will be 100 pages as well.

Just got a little landmark I wouldn't mind people knowing about!

Allan is hitting 50 strips on Tuesday 10th, so if you could drop that by somewhere, that'd be great! Thanks a bunch!

I'm the creator and artist of SoulDriver a Western, horror, crime drama. It's definitely not for the kiddies…anyways on Monday I'm starting a contest..which is basically name that reference…If you go to my story you can get the whole skinny on it. The give away is a 11x17 poster promoting my book. It's the first page if you visit my story.

Clench and Cheese hits 150! I just noticed this. Nothing special happening… I'm about 1/3 through a 50-page B/W comic that will be downloadable as a comic book. I'm also going to do a special bound run of 40 that will be for sale as well.

Man, I can't believe I'm writing you again so soon, but I just wanted you to know that my comic Arctic Blast! is hitting 50 strips already! If you have the space, I'd also like to give a shout-out to everyone who has been supporting the strip as well…it makes it all worth it when others like it, too!




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