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New Interviews, Nontests, Crossover Wars, Community Projects, and Milestones!

skoolmunkee at 2:49AM, April 16, 2007

What's up ducks and duckettes? I got some announcements!

Some changes are coming soon to the user pages! So keep an eye out…

There's a new Creator Interview up, and this time it's Hawk of Culture Shock!

Would you be doing your comic at all if you couldn't post it on the web?
I really had to think on this one. Honestly, I don't think I would. Without the internet there would be all sorts of hoops to jump through just for people to see your work. And that would mean doing comics professionally, something that I never really intended. I'm just glad there IS an internet for all us comic authors.
To read the entire interview, please visit America Jr reached 200 strips last week! :D Hey you guys remember American Jr right? Comic that got featured a long while back? You should go check it out!

A message from our beloved moderator Terminal~
The fact that my old comic, the experimental Miami Sound Machine is returning from the dead with a new interference that integrates the homepage and brand new comics.

Naive is both 50 strips and 1 year old! Hooray! Also, there's ANIMATION!

Hand Drawn reached 250 pages recently! Congratulations, that's a lot of comics!

Tomorrow, Lola will reach 200 pages! It is also the start of Week (Chapter) 11. Get a move on and get over there!

Don't forget these announcements Carly made last week!
Sign up for Wizard World Philadelphia opens 10 AM Pacific time Friday 13th

Check out the Convention Forums for details and sign up info!


It's that time again! …time for what? Well another nontest! (YAY) But golly gosh Easter's over and there's not another quirky holiday for months! Whatever will our theme be? How about….

A Drunk Duck Civil War Fan Art Nontest

But it's *so* much cooler that just that! From the entries we receive, 6 winners will be chosen and their DD Civil War fan art will be available as a wallpaper to download on your mobile phones FOR FREE! Check out the general Discussion Forum for rules and entry info.

Lastly (but not least-ly), the Crossover Wars have made a great big ‘ol announcement that tells everyone more about the whole project and provides lots of links and such for what’s going on (it's a really huge project!) A good number of Drunk Duckers are participating, and there are several ‘threads’ to the wars… Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Squirrel, and even… ADULT! (See now you're interested!) For the full announcement, just click this link and go to the forum post for this newspost.



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