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And even MORE news!

Black_Kitty at 2:43PM, April 21, 2007

I have news too! :D

Heeeey~ Remember that thing called DrunkDuck awards? Hey I remember it too! What's that? You don't know what that is? Then why don't you go check it out! (And check out the polling center for it!)

Guess who's celebrating their big FIVE-OH-OH? Mixed Bag Comics that's who! In celebration of its 500th strip, there is a Flash game for you lovable people to play! :D

People of New Zealand! I got a neat PQ yesterday:

The Sando
So, I was made a last minute panellist for the digital comics panel “Can Comics and Computers be Friends?” for the New Zealand Comics Weekend. So, I'll be sitting up there along with some of the dudes from
and quite possibly
Grant Buist of Brunswick fame. As somebody who is desperately trying to cling to a form of respectability, that's ok by me.

The panel is being hosted at the Southern Cross bar. 2pm Sunday the 22nd of April.

-Nic Sando.

Finally, you guys know that I do the DD news for The Gigcast. The Gigcast is a fantastic podcast and JT is a really great host. Great radio voice and an eye for quality. So if you like The Gigcast or you would like to support a great guy, now's your chance! He's currently participating in the Public Radio Talent Quest and it would be really cool if you could head on over and vote for him. Good luck JT! :D



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