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The weekend means more news!

skoolmunkee at 1:18PM, April 21, 2007

Don't forget to send your interview questions for kcgreen (Horribleville, CAT) to me! You have until like, Tuesday!

Tyrapendragon is sending out the call for Fusion (part 17) participants! Don't know what the Drunk Duck Fusions are? NOW YOU HAVE NO EXCUSES! Do it, skoolmunkee commands you!

Wazaga, the artist of the lovely Ever Hollow has something to announce! She is having a Fanart & Fan-fiction contest (that kind of thing is always fun!), you can find information about it HERE!


slimredninja's Morning Squirtz (rated M) is 75 pages old!

StudioNFC's New Nation (rated M) has finished up chapter 4 at over 85 pages!

peipei's The Faction (rated M) is 100 pages old!

gradiate's RPGCrazed is 3 chapters old at over 55 pages!

Toonman AZ's Company Man is more than 300 pages old! (WOW!)

Luminous's Angelfish is almost 1 year old!

RyuuKen's Dream Chronicles is almost 150 pages old!

draxxen's A Jagged Mind is 100 pages old!



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