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I also am a late cat, or monkey, or something

skoolmunkee at 3:21PM, Aug. 2, 2007

Volte tells me he fixed whatever it was that was causing all those annoying random bugs with images and updates and so forth. So if you were trying before, please try again! We have sort of a news backlog so pardon me if I make this quick (also I am awfully lazy about news)

It's voting time!

Time to vote in the Drunk Duck Awards!

Time also to vote for the 2007 Comic Book Challenge finalists! Who do you want to have the big contract…? There are several DDers in the top 10, you know! Go support them!

Vote on your favorite character design in the Digital Desire contest!


Do you like zombies? If so, the new (and terrible in a scary-movie kind of way you know) community project DD Zombies is probably for you!

DDers in print and media!

SuperFogeys is now taking pre-orders for its first collection! (Details on the comic page.)

Dumok's Warmage issue 1 is now available for purchase at Lulu! You can get a CD version or a print version, and issue 2 will be going up later this month…

joeychips of Silly Daddy was interviewed on Canadian Radio about his comic work! Listen to it at this page.


Rocketship-A-Go-Go is 100 pages old, and has also finished its first major story arc!

The aforementioned SuperFogeys is reaching 50 pages!

Also turning 50: zanaku's Twisted Chronicles! Congrats!

Exzachly (whose username kinda sounds like a sneeze) says his Last Place Comics - the only comic to cause AIDS-CANCER evidently, has reached 75 pages!

Kali D's comic Estatic Gods is also turning 75!

Turning 100 is mrquigley14's Short Bus, a comic which jokes about things other people are too afraid to make jokes about!

Also 100 is bryan's Something Like Life! He seemed pretty shy about making a newspost so HEY EVERYONE BRYAN'S COMIC IS 100 PAGES OLD EVERYONE LOOK AT HIM LOOK THERE HE IS

JZintel's Gary and Ted also turning 100 pages. Stop. Go check it out. Stop.

Last but not least! Th_Mole would like everyone to know that One Panel Case Files has reached 100 pages, and he invites one and all to come and comment and/or critique!



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