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Newspost Part the First

skoolmunkee at 3:07PM, Aug. 13, 2007

Everyone's favorite community project with an incredibly long name is back! One Third Of Your Life Is Spent Sleeping One Third Of Your Life Is Spent Working And Half Of One Third Is Spent Waiting The Question Is It Really Your Life is now taking submissions again! Forum thread for details.

Phantom Penguin is putting a book out for his comic Politics: the Tanker's Way! He says it will be viewers' choice and he wants people to PQ him with their favorite strips of PTTW and he'll put them in the book along with their name in the page notes!

It's Hard Out There For A Gwen is now 25 pages old!

Horizon is 50 pages old! (Well, probably more than that by now, this announcement is kinda late.) It looks interesting!

Surreal Pseudophotographic Thought Diary is also just past 50!

Guess who else is also 50 (or just past because I am late)? That's right, Ninja Shizatch!

Roguehill's Tales of the Revenant (a lovely piece of work) is also breaching 50 pages (and at the same time has just finished its first story, ‘Sea of the Dead’)!

Due East is 75 pages old! dueeast also says “It's inked, colored, computer-lettered and in the middle of Book Three. We even have a brand new logo featuring the main characters!”

There will be a lot more news coming tomorrow or possibly Wednesday because I'm too lazy to put it all into one newspost right now! (Also it's my belief that no one reads the super long ones anyway) Also my internet is going really slow right now and I'm annoyed at waiting so much for pages to open. Also I am having some gradually increasing mouse issues.

Don't forget Volte was saying something about changes to the publisher status page!



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