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skoolmunkee at 1:32PM, Dec. 2, 2007

hpkomic (Galactic Hub Serreven) and kcg (Horribleville) have teamed up and gotten a comic into Nickelodeon Magazine! Rush out and buy it and tell everyone how much you like Wizard Brothers!

Don't forget that Darth Mongoose of FanDanGo has made it into the top 15 finalists of Rising Stars of Manga UK! It's a big deal! Yay!
You can view and vote on her entry (or any other entry if you like I GUESS) HERE.

Aussie_kid is launching a new community project called Fowl Play! Check the link for more information and how to participate…

That Random Paint Comic by Jules has reached 50!

Sticking Sporks in Something Else, a collection of two comic series “Sticking to the Basics” by Sticking and “Fear the Spork” by Dave E, is hitting it's 25 comic mark on the 2nd of December! That's 25 comics done in 24 days!

KrimBlade's Bloodlust: Eternal Conflict has reached 100 pages!

Marine's penis has reached its 225th update! (I really wanted to make a pun there but managed not to)

Bulletproof by spacehamster has put up its 50th page!

For Your Eyes Only by Kohdok is over 100 pages!

booger has 2 updates for us: INQUIETUS Redux is 25 and A Few Brain Cells Short of Normal has reached 50!

Attach This! by BlkKnight has reached 50 comics, and there is a contest to celebrate!
To celebrate reaching 50 comics (32 in hex), Attach This! is holding the first ever Check Your References contest. This contest is simple. Through comics #1 to 49, I have made countless references to a number of things. Your job is to identify as many of these as possible.
How to Enter:
1. PQ me a list of references and the comic they were found in.
2. I will PQ you back with your total.
3. You may append your list one time.
4. Contest ends December 16th and the winner will be announced later.
5. 1st Place: A preview of the comic's future. 2nd and 3rd prize: A look into the comic's future via the past. All other participants will receive a fanart of sorts.



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