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Here is a newspost that I have made

skoolmunkee at 1:51PM, Dec. 10, 2007

Hey folks! Just as a reminder about what we'll make newsposts about, check out this forum thread!

The Asylumantics will be posting its 250th page this coming Friday. Also, I've re-released two Asylumantics comic collections just in time for the holidays. Readers can purchase them (and more) at the studio store!

silivpera and floodgatemartyr's Li'l Hero Artists is a Semi-Finalist of the Alterna Comics' Submissions Contest! Congrats to them, and you guys go check it out and vote!

It's December 10th and I'm ready for some time off, how about you guys? Well, you can't have it. As a consolation gift I give you milestones!

Kali's Angels of Shadows reaches its 50th page on the 14th!

Modern Day Witchdoctor by kingofsnake will be 100 on the 15th!

HalJones announces that Beyond Human has reached 25 pages!

Also at 25 pages is One A.M. by one_am!

Super Smash Brothers: Grand Tour has just hit 150 pages!

VinceLikesRooster says that his comic Sonic Gone Completely Wrong reaches 50 pages on Tuesday!

Another 50-page milestone at Day of the Nano Twister by lemon_king, on Wednesday!

Due East will reach 100 pages with next week's Monday update.

Also, check out Off Hours, which is a collaboration/crossover comic that explores the idea that all DD webcomics are actually television shows and all the characters are really just actors. So what would they be like off the sets of those shows, especially if you tossed a bunch of them together?

Chapter 1 features actors from Nadya, Purgatory Tower, Wolf, Due East, Used Books, Better Luck Next Time, The Devon Legacy Prologue and Aurora of the High Seas. And that's just the beginning-! Chapter 1 is being written by Tantz Aerine from Wolf, Vickie B. from Used Books and Allen S. of Due East.



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