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This is how a harem girl dances

skoolmunkee at 4:38AM, Dec. 17, 2007

New Creator Interview is UP!

I know it's been a while since my last one, and that's because… I've been lazy. But I've had my coffee now and interviews are back! This time around we talk a little about Westerns with keithmccleary of Killing Tree Quarterly:

Give me one reason why everyone should try doing a Western.

I can't. If everyone did one then I'd probably get really anxious and competitive and have to quit. I'd like for everyone to think it's really hard and/or boring and leave me alone with it.
Read the rest of the interview in this forum thread!

It's almost Yak Shaving Day! Do you have all your decorations ready?

Community stuff:

Drunk Duck Fusion 19 has wrapped up and is now posted online for everyone to read! Start at the first panel of this round and see what your fellow DDers have come up with this time!

Hi there, I just wanted everyone to know that they have a month left if they wanted to get into the first issue of my latest drunkduck community project ‘Fowl Play’. Because it's good to submit. If anyone would like more information on how to be submissive, could they please follow the following link: Fowl Play

Not sure what category this is!

Aurora of the High Seas has been featured in JustAsBeautiful magazine, a plus-sized women's lifestyle magazine in the UK! Awesome! :)


SeriousQuiche's Bad Coffee has hit its 25-page milestone! (I could make a joke about bad coffee being around for a long time but I won't… it probably wouldn't be funny anyway)

Next week Hyperactive Comics posts its 150th page!! And don't forget that the next big storyline - “World's Tour” guest stars, from Image Comics, Paul Grist's Jack Staff!

Story of a Robot by Mizukane has reached 50 pages! Congrats!

Also hitting 50 pages is Local Look by Awesometown! Well done!

poinko's Lancaster the Ghost Detective has reached 650 pages (wow!), so give him a hand! He also told me that the comic will be ending soon… :[

Kenji-Nin by Wrenmisty has almost reached 125 pages, and is also starting its 4th chapter! I congratulate you!



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