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Five Golden Touques!

skoolmunkee at 2:06PM, Dec. 21, 2007

I messed up this bit like three times so here it is for reals! Jen X by comicbookguy2007 has reached 50 pages! Congrats! (sorry about messing it up so much…)

I just wanted to let you know that floodgatemartyr was the winner of the Kung Fu Rabbit Fan Art Contest. His entry will be posted at the end of issue 2, due out any day now.
I wonder if these milestones are sad? Because their birthdays are so close to the holidays, I bet they get overshadowed, and they don't get as many presents or as much attention. I bet all these holiday milestones wish that their milestones are in February or something, after everyone has recovered from the holidays and are ready to pay them visits and treat them specially!

Arthur, King by Rutger has turned 75! There is a special surprise for the readers! Also by Rutger is Life As Told By Rutger, which reached 25!

Nerfherder tell us that Geeks - the Comic Strip has hit its 100th strip today, and will be going through an ‘upgrade to Version 2.0’ in January!

Peipei's The Faction is now 300 pages long!

Another comic at 300 pages is Hand Drawn by AngelVixie!

At 25 pages is Janen's Per Ardua!

Also reaching 25 pages is John Clyde the Nature Guide by Chameleon Kid!

Guess who else is at 25 pages? The True Traveling Adventures of Carnuba, that's who!

Killer Kittenz by ocelott is at 50 pages too, and has a special Christmas strip!

At 150 comics is Exzachly's Last Place Comics! (And coincidentally enough is also the last of the milestones for now… because I wrote this up in the order in which I received the PQs and his was most recent! Just a little admin trivia there fer ya.)

Now go, spend your weekend being lazy, and visit these milestone'd (?) comics so they don't feel all usurped by all the attentions given to the other holidays!



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