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Time to soak up some post-holiday newspost!

skoolmunkee at 3:02AM, Dec. 28, 2007

Two contests, woo woo!

First up we have oachambers with:

Chaos Punks is offering a sketch of one of the main characters to the person who can guess the reference for the current page. Hint - The characters are posed the same way as a classic rock album cover!

then we've got Wazaga with:
I’m holding a second contest, one that’s way easier than the last one, and with extra goodies. The theme this time is to design a sprinter. The three best sprinter designs will get a picture made by me, PLUS their sprinter will make an appearance in the next 2 chapters.

Here's the contest page with all the details!


Nintendo's Untold Legends by THKNN_NUL has reached 25 pages!

Also at 25 pages is BloodTh's Suiborn!

Another 25-pager is The Night Shift by JRarts!

comic_chic tells me that The Dreamer is now at 50 pages!

75 pages you say? Well, that's what JerMohler says, when it comes Cowboys and Aliens II! (boy that was worded awkwardly)

This Ego of Mine by Green_Tangerine (does that name mean she's not ripe yet? There's a thought) is also 75!

Frostflowers is pretty excited that Morphic has reached 75 pages- go on, be excited with Frostflowers!

greatchad's Badly Drawn Penguins is both 100 pages and 1 year old! Double congrats!

Also at 100 pages (and now updating daily) is EvilJared's Coalition of the Reluctant!

Stickman and Cube by Pieguy259 is apparently just about to hit 125 comics! (sounds kinda violent to me)

And a doozy of a milestone, magickmaker's magick? has reached 300 pages!



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