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I have a news announcement too!

skoolmunkee at 2:14PM, Feb. 5, 2007


kytri's The Rift now exists in print form! The book is over 100 pages long and can be bought from Lulu, visit the comic page for the specific link to the book.

Todd Livingstone of America Jr. is back from his short break and he has a big announcement having to do with Image Comics! Visit his Drunk Duck page for more details…


suzi of >:O (greater than colon O) is back from hiatus and would like to announce that she is having a contest! There are details on the comic page, but it involves ideas to go in the comic, and the winners get things like buttons and custom stuff!


soonme's Demon Sword is reaching 25 pages! Congrats!

Also congrats to cooltendo's Nintendo Super Squad which has also reached 25 pages! He would like everyone to know that it's a special full color strip which features Mario's big wedding and that it's not Princess Peach he's getting married to. :)

pyrofire123's Red Moon is now 50 pages old! Hoorj!

kingofsnake's Children at Play will be 150 on Wednesday. Happy sesquicentennial comic!



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