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Here be your frequent dose of announcement goodies~

Black_Kitty at 8:32AM, Feb. 8, 2007

Heylo you people of infinite delight!

Guess what? Flatworm's Blackheart has reached 100th pages! And to celebrate, there shall be a contest in which 10 lucky people can win Blackheart related goodies! YAY!

And if you're wondering who the winners are of the Valentine's NONtest…wonder no more as you can view the winners here! Congrats you guys! :D

Did you know that if you pre-order Hero By Night through New Dimensions Comics, you can receive a limited edition print? AND! If you're one of the first fifty to do so, you can also get a sketch card? Check this thread out for more details! And if you're wondering what Hero By Night could possibly be about, check out its prologue: Hero By Night Diaries!

On another note… This is just a reminder to everyone about the Drunk Duck Etiquette blurb and in particular, the third and fourth rule found within it:

3. Violation of other artist's copyrights is not acceptable. If you use artwork without permission of its creator, and the creator/copyright holder complains to the administrators, we will remove the offensive file. If you continue to do this, we will delete your account.
4. If you find someone is using your artwork without permission and would like to see it stop, do not hesitate to contact an administrator for help. Do not begin a flame war with the offending user.

We encourage any creator to approach us if they are concerned that their work is being stolen or used inappropriately. With that being said however we also recognize that certain works, such as sprite comics, use appropriated materials. Although these are legitimate forms of webcomics, we cannot intervene on matters regarding stolen work if the work in question does not belong to anyone involved.

Please understand that this is not a personal slight of any kind. We just cannot defend your work if the work does not belong to you to begin with. If you are unclear or confused about the matter, please do not hestitate to contact any of the forum administators (Ronson, SpANG, Skoolmunkee, and Black_Kitty) and we will address it to the best of our abilities.

That's all for now~



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