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Quantum Leap is a great show

skoolmunkee at 9:26AM, Feb. 12, 2007

Mourou's Pandemonium has reached 100 pages, and that page 100 begins the fifth chapter!

EmilyTheStrange has reach 325 pages in her comic Anarchy 2090! (Kind of a random number I know, but it's big anyway.)

shaneronzio's Cross Worlds Nexus is 150 pages old on Tuesday!

jgib99's How Unfortunate is one year old! :D

Manio wants me to say that he's getting his novel (Night) published and that he would like to thank Drunk Duck for his inspiration and imagination. It's about demon slaying! Also that he's taking requests for a new character in his second book of the series, and to win you must make a custom sprite from scratch and send it to him via PQ.

Don't forget to send someone a valentine's card!



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