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Television and I have much catching up to do

Black_Kitty at 1:56PM, Feb. 12, 2007

Just wanted to peek in with some more news!

Crimson Dark has just reached 100 pages! YAAAAY!

There's a bunch of tutorials floating around on DrunkDuck. One of them that just popped up recently is TutorialXP which is a tutorial for sprites~

Don't forget about our beloved Comic Review forum! If you want your comic reviewed, then you can help yourself by helping out! The more people doing reviews of other comics, the faster we all go through the list and get to your comic! Give a little, take a little. :)

Oh and do you do custom sprite comics? As in sprites that you made yourself and is completely 100% original? If so, please read here.

Edit: Hey everyone~ I was just told of a cool opportunity but it's only for today! So everyone have to act super fast! All you have to do is bring in 5 friends to Hero By Night Diaries and you get FREE original Hero By Night artwork! More details in DJ Coffman's newspost! Check it out! :D

Speaking of artwork, Inkmonkey is auctioning a painting! Inkmonkey's the creative mind behind Elijah and Azuu, a comic that's been hanging about the top five for a while now. :)



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