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Tomorrow is Chinese New Year!

Black_Kitty at 10:27PM, Feb. 16, 2007

Got some delicious news for all you lovely people out there! You may have noticed that there is a new interview up! Check it out! It's of Ronson who does The Gods of ArrKelaan!

Both 2 Bitter 5 Words and Return Zero is reaching their 25th strip! Yay!

Meanwhile, Ultimate X is reaching its 100th page!

EdgarAllanPoo wants everyone to know about a contest!

The first three people to send me a PQ with Jim Reaper's middle name on it win a copy of both the Jim Reaper and Lil' Hellions comic books. Both were released by Silent Devil–and both are pretty darn cool, if I do say so myself.

So go check out Jim Reaper (which was featured recently) and find out his first name!

More messages and this time from Mr. Mustard Seed!

Mr Mustard Seed has more song ideas than he can realize through is existing collaborators. He is looking to set up a “virtual band” to support making various kinds of music: protest, satirical, zany, etc. If any DDers have musical skills beyond a comb and wax paper (old skool) and/or computer software experience (protools, etc.) send M.M.S. a quack and tell him what your specialty is.

We got a really interesting PQ from Neecap who does Neecap and Charlie. :D But basically, they need your help! They need people's questions to answer to make comics! So if you have some burning questions that simply need answers, you now know who you can contact! Or if you don't but you like making up questions…you know who to contact too!

And that's all for today~ The 18th is Chinese New Year! :D Year of the boar, yay!



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