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We work hard, we play hard

skoolmunkee at 2:03PM, Jan. 7, 2007

Has everyone noticed the BRAND NEW NEWS PAGE?! (Interrobang?!) It's been redesigned, which is great, but we're also now featuring creator interviews! Go to the newspage to read the first interview with Amelius, creator of Charby the Vampirate!

bioteddy's comic The Kick Assers has finished its first chapter, and will also be reaching 25 pages soon, so congrats!

Shippo_no_neko would like everyone to know that Doodles in Time is one year old! (And almost 75 pages to boot!)

Blade of Toshubi is also 75 pages old, and is now beginning Chapter 4!

Hyperactive Comics has reached 50 pages in only 2 months! (Not bad!)

Also reaching 50 pages this week is Dark Worlds Trilogy! So many hard workers lately!

Lastly, Twin would like everyone to know:

My comic, Total Immersion is about to reach 100 strips. And to celebrate, I'm doing a special Reader Questions run of strips. Anyone can ask anything, so… just thought I should let people know. ^_^



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