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Oh look it's another huge newspost!

skoolmunkee at 1:31PM, Jan. 10, 2007

Sorry to tweak with Skoolmunkee's post so much but:
For those of you who are interested in attending Wizard World, please send a PQ to Dragonlova. She needs a count of those who are actually seriously going to attend. For those of you who aren't sure what I'm talking about but is interested in getting a free table at Wizard World, check out this thread!


The Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards, the annual Webcomic event geared towards awarding excellence in webcomics, has begun its nomination period. Anyone with a webcomic can sign up and nominate comics for categories ranging from best use of black and white to best use of Flash. To register, go to the WCCA website at, where you will find all the rules and an e-mail address to contact to get signed up. The winners will be announced in an online ceremony on February 19. Nominations close on January 14th so get in while you can!


Green_Tangerine is holding a character-naming contest for her comic, This Ego of Mine. The winner will receive gift/fanart!

MrGranger and company are holding a fan art contest for Innocent (to celebrate 50 pages). So far the prize is $51.95 worth of comics and rising. Deadline is Jan. 31st… winner decided by everyone on Drunk Duck! (Each comment will count as a vote.)


Mr Mustard Seed
Just a note to you that the "Neo-Conservative Blues" Web Comic from Twonks and Plonkers is now at #88 on the Living With War Today site (run by musician Neil Young to protest the ongoing war in Iraq). It debuted at #1110 last week and has sped up the charts, so any little push y'all can give it would be a super blessing. Here is the URL for the Living With War Today site … the song moves up when people click there to access the comic and song on Drunk Duck.

Click here ok?

Right now it is at #88, but anyone can search the page for “Neo-Conservative Blues” to see where it has moved up to (hopefully) in coming weeks.

An 11-page preview of the Hero By Night #1 Book is up!

The mediocre one is sending out the call for his community project, rpgination. He's looking for some authors that are interested in writing for the fantasy genre to join in the fun. Ask him for details!


Caves and Critters, my long-time DD comic which is currently being worked through a graphical update with added plothole-filla, hits 50 pages soon =)

Crimson Dark has begun chapter 3, at around 90 pages! (Long chapters!)

jgesq's MOSH has posted its 300th page!

videowizard2007's Dragon Kingdoms also reached 300 pages, on Tuesday!

Black Kitty: Pssst! Don't forget that DrunkDuck Fusion 15 is finishing up which means DrunkDuck Fusion 16 will begin soon! A gazillion thanks to Tyrapendragon for organizing this!



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