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Movin' on up

skoolmunkee at 11:29PM, Jan. 22, 2007

Not quite so much today, but every bit is important!

carrollhach's Clench and Cheese (you know, the featured one) is 100 pages old today! Congratulations! If you check his author's comments, you will see there is a Trivia Contest going on too…

Also about to turn 100 is PinkDiapers' Changing Worlds. But there is more! (Actually it looks like I should have posted this much sooner, I'm sorry!)

My 100th page is coming up in about four days and I’m holding a contest. The first person to guess all five main characters favorite food get requested art work, anything they want, done by me and posted for my big 100. To participate just write your guesses in the comment box.

lefarce has news too! His comic Le Farce is beginning its second volume today (weighing in around 50 pages)… it seems like a good time to check it out!

And magnus911 would like everyone to know that in celebration of the 30th comic of RE KINGDOM HEARTS: Chain of Pointlessness, he is making a movie production of his comic and would like some voice actors for it (sounds exciting)! There's a forum topic with more information, find it here.



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