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Yet more news and interviews!

skoolmunkee at 3:22AM, July 16, 2007

(Volte says the updating bug should be fixed, so go try updating your comics now.)

Hey guys! We have a new interview today, with Loki (Cooltendo) of Nintendo Super Squad! And I have to say he has really gone all out with his answers… (let's see if I can get this to show in the cramped newsbox)
Do you ever think of using the Squad for selfish reasons like revenge or coin-gathering?

Read the rest of the interview in its forum thread!


The final pages of the Drunk Duck Beauty Contest have been posted! Come and see the winners and their acceptance speeches!

MrRiot is so grateful for the patience of DD Civil War readers (while he and Zac went MIA for a bit) that he's undertaking a special project- “Team Riot” and “Team Zac” ID cards! Readers who are signed up to DDCW can go to this forum thread to find out how to get theirs- the deadline to get the info to MrRiot is August 10th!

Now we don't normally announce requests for guest comics, but Kaminari of Narou has had a work accident and lost 1 1/4 of her fingers on her drawing hand (including a bit of her thumb) and won't be able to draw for some time. That is such a crappy thing to have happen that I am making a newspost! She does 6 comics and would love to receive guest comics for any of them.


Mazoo has a contest for y'all. Feel like designing a futuristic sea creature for his comic? The winners get their designs placed in the comic (with credit and plug) and also get a free commission painting! Details in the forum thread!


Frogman has a very late 2-year announcement to make for Ultimate X! Apparently it's so late because he was working on an animation to celebrate and now it is done. :) (Also he says, it would have spoiled the plot back in May.) So happy late-2-year-i-versary, and check out the animation!

rmexec's Megaman EXE the Comic reached 50 pages last week! Woohoo!



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