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Gaaah more news already?!

skoolmunkee at 1:36PM, June 8, 2007

Hey guys! The Drunk Duck Beauty Contest is winding down and there are a ton of fun entries to look at, and a big need for VOTERS! So please quickly head on over to the Beauty Pageant, start gawking at the lovely lads and ladies, and get your votes in!

I have also been informed that guess what? The DD Draw Off Part 4 has begun! Quick everyone go draw pictures based on a theme for people to vote on and maybe you can win!

DancingChaos has started a new community project and would like everyone to join in! It's the Complete Instruction Manual to Useless Things, and who doesn't need one of those? (You don't want DancingChaos to cry do you? Then you should join!)

OK, Law and Order starts in a few minutes guys, so this is gonna be fast. I can't miss Mah Shows! Oh vincent D'Onofrio, I wish we were best friends… you and me and Ira Glass… (I have a rich if sparsely populated fantasy life.)

Mr Chappers (which would be a great name for a kitty BTW) is announcing that The Author is almost a year old and is also almost turning 50! (And that guest comics are happily received!)

kingofsnake's Modern Day Witch Doctor will turn 50 on Saturday!

Captain Jim says that Gamer Man Awesome is fifty… one!

Silvershot by Priceman is 25! Congrats!

O Town by Ollywood is also 25!

ZAKtheGeek specifically asked for a very plain mention that his comic Pyro Icon has reached 150 episodes. There you go, all simple! WOOOOOOOOO 150! Oh man I messed up. :[

Miseria_Cantare's Tooth and Nail is hittin' 50! (Not 50 nuns we hope.)

Guys, did you know that avsaroke has a comic named Shades of Gray? Did you also know that it's turning 50? DID YOU?



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