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It's Saturday and I'm making a news post doot dee doot

skoolmunkee at 11:23AM, June 16, 2007

We always get to announce lots of milestones in these newsposts and I think that people maybe get tired of seeing them (or maybe just take them for granted)… but 25 pages represents a lot of work! I really am happy for everyone I get to announce here because they're putting in the time and work and sticking with it, and I figure the least I can do (besides announcing them) is check their comic out to see if it's something I'd like.

Anyway I just wanted to say that although there are always lots of milestones, I still think they're important. :) So here we go!

Dome Busta- The Demon Within from that kid yellow is 25 pages old!

soonmme's Demon Sword is 50 pages old! And to celebrate, he tells me he's going to update every day this week!

Also at 50 comics - the previously-featured Amazing Superteam by bongotezz!

OmegaHedgehog's Death By Pixel is 75! :D

WillDrawForPocky's Anachronism, which was featured last year, has reached 100 pages!

At 150 is Jimeth's Epic Adventures!

And blowing everyone out of the water is Magical Misfits which is over 500 comics old! I don't think that guy takes vacations… or maybe he does and uses them to work on his comic some more? (Also he's been featured too… lots of these guys today!)

CONGRATS to all you guys! Now everyone go visit their comics!

Now for two longer blurbs:

Commander Chaos, who is running the Drunk Duck University project, has got something to say! He is still waiting for the people who signed up for the DDU Community project to send in character submissions! Come on guys, don't me lazy, you LAZIES! (That second part was from me, not from him. He's nicer than me.)

Also, he says that there are still spaces open for people to join! Some things to keep in mind:
1. Visit the forum thread on details and how to sign up
2. Everyone who joins has to participate in some way (art-based, writers, etc., but not sprites because they don't fit with the overall plan, sorry)
3. Everyone who joins has to submit a character (either cartoon-yourself or someone from your comic) and that includes a profile and a pic.

Get movin'!

RentAThug says that:

One of my comics, Rent-A-Thug is appearing in a print book for the first time with a 12 page short story in Tales from the Harbor Volume 2. The book launches this Saturday, June 16th.
So if you want more information on the comic and book, visit the links!



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