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The PQs are burning a hole in my account

Black_Kitty at 8:13PM, March 3, 2007

We got a lot of news items today! To all those who sent me news: Sorry for the long wait. :(

Did you know that Wizard Magazine did a write-up about DJ Coffman's Hero By Night? Well they did! :D And you can see a scan of it in this blog entry! (In case you didn't know, DJ Coffman does Hero By Night Diaries here on DrunkDuck!

I was peeking in at American Jr. and saw an exclusive announcement about the American Jr. trade paperback! Their introduction is being written by Gregory Itzin who plays President Logan in that television series, “24”! He's apparently a fan of the comic! So if you're planning on attending San Diego Comic Con, stop by the Image booth where Todd Livingston and Gregory Itzin will be there to sign copies of the book!

Pornography for the Soul zoomed passed its 25th strip! So did CROSS WORLDS NEXXUS! Although his milestone was 200th pages but yay!

Psst! A message from Mr Mustard Seed:

Happy to report that “I Am Sorry,” an original Mark DeCerbo song with a comic by Mr. Mustard Seed has been listed for play on Neil Young's “Living With War Today” Web site. Any DDer who wants to hear the song via the LWWT page (and therefore register a “vote” for it) simply needs to go to and to look or browse for “I Am Sorry”. Click on it and go to Drunk Duck where you can play the song by pressing the speaker button. Drunk Duck makes the difference in the process and DDers are great supporters! Vote soon, vote often, and have fun!

The Adventures of Mask Cape Man reached its 50th page! To celebrate, he did a double update! :D Speaking of 50th page, Life and Maybe Death of Ed will also be reaching its 50th page!

And Brutus is back! Chelano has been on DD for a long while now and I remember Brutus back in the young days of DrunkDuck~

Did I mention Morning Squirtz is getting into the 50 mark? Well now I did! Check it out! :D Especially if you like comics like basketcase~

Did I also mention that hpk came back with another comic called Galactic Hub Serreven

The cute cute MMM_BooGrrs is turning one this month! :D Meanwhile, The Three of Chaos reached its 50th strip! And Hyperactive Comics is going to reach its 75th comic next week! (I haven't read this yet but so far, it looks pretty cool!) To celebrate, Hyperactive Comics is going to update TWO times a week now! Tuesday and Friday~

Fancy something to do? Why not participate in a DD draw off! It's where you pit your art against another's in an artistic battle royale! Check out the link for more details! :D

Both Teenage Wasteland and Bad Guy High are hitting its 250th page milestone! While I never read Bad Guy High before, I did remember a favourable review it got from the guys over at The Gigcast. So why not check them both out? (I know I will be!)


Darwin's comic “Gemutations: Plague” is hitting fifty pages on 05 Mar 07! To celebrate she would like to announce a Fan Art Contest! All entrants will be featured the week of the 12th and the winner will get a free commission of a character of their choice! See the current Gemutations: Plague page for further details!

Chapter one of To Be Loved is ending and insanelysane would like to sweetly thank all her readers for her support~

A message from Phantom Penguin!
My comic Politics The Tanker's Way is taking all political or military questions to be answered in comic form. All you have to do is PQ Phantom Penguin your question!
So if you’ve always wondered about the military life, this is your chance to ask!

Hey! Check out subcultured’s presentation for the WCCA! (He's the one that did the outstanding newcomer category.)

Not only is Floyd and Mike updating again after modem troubles but between now and March 16th, 50% of all sales will go to Comic Relief! So now you can support a cool comic AND donate to charity! :D

And that’s a nice way to end a newspost. :)



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