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I'm a sneak

skoolmunkee at 11:27AM, March 4, 2007

Just sneaking in with some extra news!

OOPS, I knocked Black Kitty's HUGE amount of announcements off the front page because I wasn't paying attenion… PLEASE GO HERE to read them all, there's a lot and they're very interesting!

Eviltwinpixie tells me that Grog is going to be 100 pages old, although when I look at the comic it says there are 160 pages, so I dunno what's up with that, maybe there's extra stuff or something. :) Anyway congrats!

The legenday Bottle of Webcomic Awareness (WCA) has been stolen from its hiding place in the deserted halls of the Repository of Dangerous Things! If you find it, please give notice, it's extremely dangerous!!

The contents of the Bottle of WCA has been spilled! Webcomic Awareness is escaping and seeping out through the world of webcomics! Watch out! Keep an eye on your characters! Should they be affected by the WCA, they might become aware that they are characters in a comic and nobody knows what will happen if they do!

(What's going on? Let's just call it the Crossover Wars… Lots of Drunk Duck comics are participating in this long-running project, so check it out!)



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