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I have news too! :D Yay!

Black_Kitty at 6:43PM, March 9, 2007

Hey everyone! Wizard World is coming up and guess who you will see if you go? Guess guess guess! :D

If you've guessed any of these people, then you're right!

Mr Riot
Mr Mustard Seed
Mr Granger
DJ Coffman

Speaking of DJ Coffman, did I mention that he's the guy who won the Comic Book Challenge last year? He's going to be making his book premiere at Wizard World! In the meantime, cool things have been happening such as Wizard Magazine writing a small article about him and his comic. :D

But there are other news on DD too! Like Leo finishing chapter 4!

Pokemon Contest Challenge also passed its 50th page milestone a few days ago! Random Stupidity too! (If I posted it sooner, people could have appeared on its 50th page by commenting on its 49th page. :( Alas I didn't. Moral of the story? Read Random Stupidity so that when its 100th page come along, you can be in it.)

Speaking of 100th pages… Four Bats reached its 100th milestone! And to celebrate, there is a 15 minute long Flash animation!

Hey did you guys know that DrunkDuck has a chatroom? Did you also know that a lot of people had so much fun that there is now a comic about it? Well now you know! :D

Did you also know that King Me is having a fanart contest? Well now you know about that too! And knowing is half the battle!

And if you're looking for something to do…why not participate in Fern's community project? :D

Finally…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NightGig! :D



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