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Let's keep this short and sweet, shall we?

skoolmunkee at 4:43AM, March 17, 2007

[Edit by Black Kitty: I don't know why I keep missing Drazi500 but his comic Dragon Blade reached 30 pages AND it reached its first chapter…three weeks ago. >.<

So this is just a public apology to Drazi500 for being a jerk and keep missing his PQ. I'm really sorry about that.]

Good news everyone! JillyFoo has let me kow that the first book of The Planet Closest To Heaven is now out and available to buy!

Allan's autobiographical comic Allan is 25 pages old today! He also has a request, if anyone would like to send him some Allan-related art or comics by Thursday the 22nd, he would like them to use as updates while he's out of town and computer-less for a few weeks. Please!

confusedsoul's Mildly Mundane will soon be one year old! Congrats! So many industrious comic folks on DD!

ProfessorF's fun FantastiTeam is 100 pages old! :D

Edit: This just in, because every time I post a news update someone emails me more news!

Eyesoftheblackk's Biginbopper the Junior Mint has reached volume 3! (At over 200 pages- way to go!)

Phantom_Penguin's Bullet: The Story of Arms Dealing has reached Chapter 3! Congrats!

Black Kitty edits: I have come to ruin the short and sweet part! D:

Grounded Angel passed its 100th milestone! (Actually, it's around 112.) Gamers Anonymous also passed its 100th milestone too! (150th page actually!) 150 is also a magical number for MISFIT ASSASSINS!

Also, ARCTIC BLAST zoomed past its 25th page~ And in 5 updates, Politics The Tankers Way will too! And twenty five updates ago, Confetti Surprise reached its 25th comic too! But alas, that was twenty five comics ago so you're just going to have to congratulate him on his 50th comic. :)

My (bioteddy's) newest comic 'Swordfight Moonlight Rose Revolution'
is having a character naming contest for the main antagonist. Whoever make up a name that sounds cool will get either
b)a special secret guest cameo for one of their comic characters into my own comic.
so just personal quack me with your suggestions :)

Yami No Tainai reached its 800th page last Thursday! :O Holy moly! Congrats!



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