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A steaming bucket of special recipe news!

skoolmunkee at 10:02AM, March 23, 2007

First, a couple of little site-type announcements…

Dragonlova, who came to us from Platinum Studios, has left the job and surely moved on to bigger and better things. She was a friendly and familiar face on th forums, and met some of you at Wizard World. Also I for one thought she had nice hair in the photos I'd seen of her. She was a great help in helping us to choose comics to feature, too! We all here wish her the best!

We seem to have lost a couple of the Featured Comics from the last week. We can put them back up but need to make sure we get them all. We remember Ultimate X and For God's Sake, were there any others? (And no, don't just PQ us with lies!)

Lastly welcome to WingNut and Hawk, our new Debate and Discussion forum modarators!

Did you know that our own Tantz Aerine is a published author? Well now you have no excuse! She is inviting everyone to the huge new website her publishers have made for her books, The Art of Veiling (a trilogy). There is information, art, activities, and a forum… there are also art competitions with prizes! ART CONTESTS GUYS!

Tundra would like me to announce that the comic Notebook, which is a community project, is now 20 pages old! Notebook is made up mainly of writers who are trying to improve their artwork and drawing skills too, which I think is a great and worthy effort. So go stop by!

Edited to add… Another community event!
The Drunk Duck Civil War!

The goal is to drag nearly EVERYONE here at into this. As users begin to choose sides, they will be included in the pages of the comic on their chosen side. There's a lot more information on the comic page!

Hello NANO (a comic by FAL) has now finished its first chapter! It looks very interesting to me so perhaps you should all have a look!

Guess who is one year old? Go on just guess. Oh come on, just TRY! OK, fine you lazies, I'll tell you. DreamGazer's Just My Luck is a year old on the 28th, and kaminari's Narou turned a year old just over a week ago!

Hero has a great wad of news (sounds tasty don't it) which I shall now quote because I liked the way he wrote it. It's about his comic being printed, and also there is a contest!

I have something that resembles news to report. For one, I've diabolically transferred my comic (Wintergreen) onto a format derived from pulped trees I like to call paper. Said “paper comic” is available as my individual first three chapters in color; a black and white collection of all three of the chapters, the Halloween special and original art from the very first Wintergreen comic drawn; and the biographies available in two different versions, the only real difference being the cover; and a color collection with both covers on either side. All this is available at

Secondly, I'm having a little character creation contest to promote it. I'm having open auditions for the sixth spot on my cartoon band in a convoluted contest, but the winner will recive the two sided cover color collection of the comic and the CD of mediocre techno-rock that passes for Wintergreen's first album free of charge. People like free stuff, right? More details on entry are to be released on (my comic's page).



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