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Oh the first blushing of spring~

Black_Kitty at 11:06AM, March 27, 2007

Oh you people~ Reading the news and not realizing that DrunkDuck is plunged into an epic CIVIL WAR!

But besides the Civil War and hpkomic's DrunkDuck Comic Jam, you know what you should also check out? DrunkDuck Fusion 16! Quick quick! Go check it out! And a thousand and one thank yous to Tyrapendragon for organizing this!

Did you know that DrunkDuck has a chatroom? That's right! I'm going to keep asking you that because then I can say things like the IRC comic has passed its 50th page!

Guess who also passed a milestone? That's right, Zac! With his comic The New Luciefer! 25 pages~

Meanwhile, SpennyJ would like everyone to know that his comic Tama Krato have reached 30 pages after a considerable amount of hard work! Congrats you guys! :)

A message from KingofSnake!

I just wanted to alert everyone who was participating in the Comic Remix 2.0 project that the due date on their strips (4/5) is a week from Thursday.

Also Children at Play is fast approaching it's 200th update, should be by monday.

Heeeeey! Are you in the San Francisco area? You know, near 23 and Mission between a Walgreens and a grocery store? Because MikeyTheBlackMantis has informed me that there's a comic store there called Scott's Comic and Cards. It has a lot of goodies but it might be closing down soon. :( The world always need more comic stores so if you're in the area, head on over and check out the store! Maybe enough stuff will sell and things will change for the better!

Just as a reminder…if you guys are sending me news, send it to Black_Kitty. I do check the Black Kitty one (notice no underscore) but not regularly. I'll try to check more often but if you accidentally send it to the Black Kitty one, I may not get it as fast.



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