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Saturday Afternoon News!

Black_Kitty at 11:27AM, May 5, 2007

Oooh boy am I late with the news. I plead “life so busy” your honour!

If I missed anyone, I do apologize. Ever since the new profiles came out, I've gotten a lot of PQs and sometimes the news will get crushed. If I missed you, PQ me again and I'll remedy it.


You guys know about the The Comic Book Challenge right? Right?! There's an interesting thread about it over on the General Forum so if you're interested and want to know more, you know where to go! :D Last year's winner was DJ Coffman's Hero By Night and I hear he'll be this year's judge too!

The DrunkDuck Civil War Fan Art Nontest results are here! Well they've been here for a while but now you can see the runner-ups too!

There's currently a bug with the system that means comics that have updated may not be displaying the asterisk (*) So it may appear that they haven't updated but they in fact have! We know it's frustrating and it's being fixed as quickly as possible. But in the meantime, check your favourite comics just in case that's happening to you!


DrunkDuck University! How would you like to relive your whole university life DrunkDuck style? Anyone can join!

And it's not too late to join the DrunkDuck Beauty Contest! You have until May 14th so get those pencils and beauties going~

And then right after that is the deadline for the Third DrunkDuck Draw Off!


Crazy Duck reached 100th strips four days ago! YAY!

From Darwin:

Readers of "Only Half" will be pleased to know that it will be officially hitting fifty pages 09 May 07- and at the same time Sins of the Father comes to a close! The next chapter Faith and Salvation will be coming in a few weeks…and Darwin invites her readers to submit some fan art to fill the space while she creates the new chapters pages! If you are interested in helping her out please PQ her, or visit her comic for more details!

On that same fateful May 9th day, Carrot and Roper will be reaching 100 pages!

Meanwhile, CROSS WORLDS NEXXUS will be hitting the 300th mark! That's a lot of pages! :O

Let us all end this on a really exciting note!

I don't know if this counts as news but my most recent comic strip was talked about this morning (5/4) on the Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Zoo radio show. I talked about them in the strip and they must of found out about it. I didn't hear the segment myself but I'm trying to find out what they said. I must of been good since they put a link to my comic under “What We Talked About” section of their web site.

And for those of you are wondering, the comic in question is No Parking! Congratulations! :D



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