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The first of the shorter newsposts - except it isn't very short

skoolmunkee at 3:26PM, May 14, 2007

Hey guys, we're trying to do shorter but more frequent newsposts. That does mean they get bumped off the front page a little faster, but it also means they're all a little shorter, and there's new stuff more often on the main page.

So if you sent one of us a news announcement and you don't see it here today, hold tight because it will probably show up Tuesday or Wednesday. :) This one is still kind of long… but I'm going for the ‘overdue’ announcements on this one!

Also usually there would be a new interview up, but I had fambly visitin' and didn't have time. I will get right on it!

Community Stuff!

The Drunk Duck Beauty Contest has officially begun! There's no entries just yet but it's something to start watching - if only for the swimsuit part right? (No way, you like the talent part? Liar.)


Folks we have an amazing milestone here! Elijah and Azuu is 1250 comics old! Yes those numbers are right. OK, I dare anyone on Drunk Duck to beat that! (If you beat it, you get a news announcement of your 1250th comic too.)

magick? is 200 today! (I thought it had been around a lot longer than that?)

Used Books has reached 150 comics, you had better go check it out or her army of trained rats might come and get you…

The Realms of Aegis is 100 comics old today! Not bad for a comic whose author tells me the life expectancy was 60, eh?

2's A Company has reached 50 comics! Congrats! Just think, that is 50 more pages than the people who never even started their comics (like me…)

I wanted to let you know that I'm pleased as punch to have passed 25 pages with my webcomic "Tales of the Revenant", and have just featured a pretty darned creepy monster!
skoolmunkee's note: Does anyone else think “pleased as punch” and a comic about creepy monsters sound weird together?

Remember folks, we like to go in multiples of 25 for milestones, I'm not sure what's with these 45th comic and 81st comic announcements I get? I am happy for you but let's have some regularity! It works for Metamucil so it can work for us too! (Exceptions made if chapter distinctions etc are more important to you!)



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