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SpANG at 6:33PM, Nov. 2, 2007

Howdy, fellow ducks!

As a reminder, skoolmunkee is off for a while and Black Kitty is a little busy with her moving and school. So, please keep sending your news to ozoneocean and me, SpANG, for now. Thanks!

Don't forget to check out the LATEST GIGCAST (with DRUNK DUCK NEWS)!!!

Now, some milestones and other Drunk Duck News!

cs3ink let us know that Broken Things turned 50 on Monday, & Terran Sandz is just starting it's third issue, the middle of the first miniseries! Nice job, cs3ink!!!

George the Dragon hit 25 pages last week, according to Loud_G. Awesome!

JustNoPoint says that he has finally made it to 125 pages of madness and mayhem in The Devon Legacy! Tremendous! He's also asking for cameos from others for the end of this issue.

n_y_japlander announces that Raw Fish? will be 50 pages (not counting strips, filler, and some old strips) on November 1! Wondrous!

There was a week long Halloween theme thingie going, and on the 1st will be a special Halloween Party comic. Just wanted to thank everyone who inspired me to keep drawing!

DracheLehre's Starfox Declassified hit 50 regular comics on Tuesday. Superbly done!

Priest_Revan proclaims that 2's A Company hit 100 on wednesday, November 7th. Impressive!

Will declares that IRC just reached 200 (proper) pages today! Woot! unfortunately, the comic isn't really going to be updated anymore as the two main contributors have left.
This will be our last shot at getting the DD community to realize we actually HAVE a chatroom.

Give them all some love people!



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