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It's Black Kitty's Birthday!

SpANG at 7:37AM, Nov. 5, 2007

… So gives her some love, people!

British Users cannot access Drunk Duck
Due to some unforeseen developments, British users may not be able to access DD for now. If you know a Brit that visits often, please let them know that we are trying to correct the issue. Thanks for your patience!


And now, some milestones and announcements….

VinceLikesRooster tells us that his comic, Sonic Gone Completely Wrong, has reached 25 pages! Sonictacular!

The user ifelldownthestairs lets us know that the comic I Fell Down The Stairs has reached two hundred pages! Holy moley! O_o

gizmo2 informs us of his upcoming milestone of 25 comics next Thursday (the 8th) on the comic Bodilism. Nice!

armandoB is pleased to inform us that the comic Cataclysm is now COMPLETE! Woot!!! Check it out!

Exzachly tells us that Last Place Comics has officially reached 125 pages. It's literarily a miracle!

Allan Says that his and Wilson's new comic The 600 will be hitting 100 strips by today! They started this comic on 11/1/2007, and they are aiming for 10 pages a day each for 30 days, giving a total of 600 strips within the month of November. Wow! That's hard core, peoples!

nightlight would like to announce that the autobiographical comic disorder and disarray has reached 25 pages. Great Job!

Tyara tells us that Mage! reached 100 pages recently! Congrats!

DragonessAthena let us know that the comic Heart of a Dragon will be 100 pages long on Wednesday, November 7th. Dragonriffic!

anonymousposterchild would like to announce that the IRC comic is under new management, notably HIS OWN.

Let all tremble before my rapist wit! Er, rapIER.

Okay, Ducks! That’s it for now! Fly straight!



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