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Despite its spelling, "news" does rhyme with "booze"

skoolmunkee at 1:26PM, Nov. 17, 2007

Geez guys, send me a bunch of news why don't you!

Tantz Aerine

I'd like to announce a contest that my publishing house is making of illustrating some scenes from my Art of Veiling book (the scenes can be read online in pdf format) where the first prize is 300 Euro and being published in the resulting artbook! yay!

It is called The Art of Veiling and it is up in the AOV site forum!

Here is the link for it, and I would really appreciate the support of people entering- the bigger it is, the better!

Milestones in no particular order!

trevoramueller's The Temple of a Thousand Tears reached 25 pages on Monday! (It was also his birthday!)

kingv's Moon Reflected in Water has reached 50 pages!

Pictures of You by Gibson Twist has begun its second book in the series with its 150th page!

At 25 pages is ssjvegeta's Secret Agent Eddie!

Today, The Corner Store Crew has reached 50 strips of age! (Please don't send me any pictures of you flexing in a mirror, I appreciate the thought but that would be weird.)

roastytoasty's abominally cute roastytoasty has reached 75!

FIGHT, “the sci-fi fantasy surreal adventure crossover-of-lots-of-things” comic, is now 50 pages!

bobbymono tells me that his comic Bobby Mono's Crappy Comics has just turned 50, too!

Reaching 100 is Life and (Maybe) Death of Ed by Eduds!

Nintendude's Super Mario Super Comic has recently reached 325 pages (actually it's at 330) so congrats!

Pyro Icon by ZAKtheGeek has reached Episode 200!

RDraconis's More to Life has reached 25 pages! Woo!

Now I go make chicken.



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