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The last newspost of November 2007 (probably?)

SpANG at 3:19PM, Nov. 29, 2007

edit: skoolmunkee has added a couple to the end! Be sure to check!

Here are some milestones and announcements for youz guyz!

slimredninja would like to announce the following bit of awesomeness:

Morning Squirtz is back after a long hiatus we are about to post a couple of new Squirtz done with the help of comic icon William Messner Loebs co-creator of the Maxx, writer of Wonder Woman, Thor, Superman, Flash, and too many other things to name! Turns out he likes our nasty brand of humor. We will also be one year old next week!

Poke Alster tells us:
Poke Alster
On December the 7th Pokemon Town will be celebrating its 50th issue, I've never got this far with a comic and its just great to do special one!

Walrus informs us that Pokemon Sinnoh Surfer will be cresting at 25 pages this Saturday, December 1st! Cowabunga, bra! Are the surfer dudes still using the word “bra” that way?

PIT_FACE tells us that even though putrid meat has reached 25 pages, is still quite pungent!

Flamen Tenebrarum says that Eternity reached 250 pages on Wednesday! Not quite eternal, but darn close!

Darth Mongoose of FanDanGo has made it into the top 15 finalists of Rising Stars of Manga UK! It's a big deal! Yay!
You can view and vote on her entry (or any other entry if you like) HERE.

Allan has some some pretty cool news! His and Ryan's month-long art project The 600 (The ‘Cannonball Run’ of webcomics!) is wrapping up it's 600-strips-in-30-days by the end of November 30th. Woot!

reboundcomic would like us all to know that the 125th actual strip of REBOUND was posted On Tuesday, 11/27! That does not include filler art and guest strips! Great job!
It is also the conclusion of Chapter 12, with Chapter 13 beginning on Wed, 11/28.

maskedmonkey says that the comic random funny stuff just hit 20 pages. That's not random at all! It's cool!

Copy and Paste wants us to know that the comic Beta is turning 75 pages old Friday, November 30! Beta test it if you'd like!

lucky7s76 says that his comic Fox Den has reached 75 pages!

All Saints by Dave7 and JSCervini, hits 25 pages on Friday, the 30th!

Also turning 25 is Mystery Sprite Theater by Markusdragon!



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