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What is this strange emotion I feel?

skoolmunkee at 2:03PM, Oct. 1, 2007

Hey, a new interview is up! hpkomic of Galactic Hub Serreven!
Actually it's a pair of interviews, they go together, like tomatoes and tomahtoes, aluminum and aluminium, elevators and lifts… or maybe not, because neither of them are from England.

BUT, for now you only get part 1, and part 2 will follow in the very near future! (I'll make another announcement). The very special reason for this? Well there have been some email problems.

What did you like about entering the Comic Book Challenge? Dislike? Did you have any particularly good or bad experiences?

The free stuff was great. I'm receiving a Zune which I'm actually going to give away to a lucky reader of mine since I already have an iPod that works just fine. Platinum really went above and beyond for all of us, and we all came away with a lot of stuff. And even though I was only at Comic-Con San Diego for 20 minutes total (due to a family emergency) I got to go in as a professional (it said so on my badge).

Not bad for my second convention ever. My first two conventions as one of the ‘folks in the industry’ were through Platinum Studios.
You can read the rest of HPKomic's lovely interview in this thread!

Galactic Hub Serreven is 50 pages old! GO GET SOME! hpkomic would like it!

Copy and Paste's Beta will also be 50 pages old, on October 3rd!

The One Panel Case Files (now there's an intriguing name) has reached its 125th strip!

Bobby Mono's Crappy Comics (his name of course, not mine) has just hit 25!

Children at Play is now one year old! Shine on you crazy diamond!

slackmatic has an announcement too!
just printed a new 20 page full color book entitled Kitty Litter: Apparition. It's available here!



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