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Pack your bags! You're going to school!

Black_Kitty at 11:26PM, Oct. 7, 2007

Alright class settle down! It is time to begin today's lesson: DrunkDuck news!

First of all, those of you who were part of the original list of contributors for the third DrunkDuck anthology! Please PQ me as soon as possible. Some of you already did and I should have responded to everyone. If I didn't, please see me after class.

Before we begin today's lesson, everyone please wish Angels of Shadows and Acquired Taste a happy first birthday! There will be cake at recess. :9

A message from a fellow scholar:

"Starting the week of October 1, Mr. Neil, author of Dasien, will be hosting fan comic fillers. Anyone who wishes to contribute fan comics should send them to with ‘FAN ART’ as the subject line. Fan art will be hosted through October 17, and ALL artists who submit WILL get a plug for their comic and/or website. Aspire for greater things!"

Now, please open up your history textbooks and review the following milestone:
Both Bobby Monos Crappy Comics, Rent A Thug, The Adventures of Toast and Pie, Chad the Fat Kid AND Mr Scootles have blazed through their 25th milestone!

Zombie Love, Pictures, and Nintendos Untold Legends surpassed its 50th milestone!

Will and Tokyo passed its 100th page!

Meanwhile, Pinky TA has reached and passed its 125th milestone!

It's almost time to go home! Don't forget your art assignment for Demon Eater! Create a very scaaaary and ugly demon and you could get a link exchange and eternal gratitude! There might also be a contest coming up!

Class dismissed! Test on Thursday!



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