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That's right, the sensation you've all heard about is here, skoolmunkee's NewsaTonic

skoolmunkee at 12:39PM, Oct. 12, 2007


Welcome ladies and gentlemen, welcome. If I may have your attention for just a moment or two, just a minute or three of your time today, I promise that I will tell you something and sell you something that will amaze and astound yourself and everyone you know- that is, if you let them in on it. Skoolmunkee's NewsaTonic!

Don't look so doubtful now folks, please don't. I've come all this way and I haven't come empty handed. I'm prepared to show you just how effective skoolmunkee's NewsaTonic is. Why you'll see results right away! What does skoolmunkee's NewsaTonic do you ask? Why you should be asking, what doesn't it do!

GTLB tells me that Goosetown and Lunch Break has reached 25 pages!

Redemption has also reached 25 pages! Not a bad start folks, not a bad start at all! And just think, this is their first dose of skoolmunkee's NewsaTonic!

DrProfessorman's Stupidity is a Virtue NewsaTonic is a little bit belated, he's actually reaching 30, but that's all right isn't it friends? Nice as it would be, not everyone enjoys the exact same effects of skoolmunkee's NewsaTonic!

Don't listen to ozoneocean and his Mystic Cure-All, don't buy any of Spang's Splendiferous Syrup, completely ignore Ronson's All-Around, and throw Black Kitty's Magic Formula right out the kitchen window! No folks, not because they don't work (which they don't, by the way, just between you and me), but because skoolmunkee's NewsaTonic is bigger and badder than them all! You think of it, NewsaTonic can do it. You'll never need for quick solutions with a good dose of skoolmunkee's NewsaTonic! Why just listen to these fine folks, who have never seen nor heard of me before. Folks, they're complete strangers to me but they use and love skoolmunkee's NewsaTonic:

Sameth's Jix is turning 50!

Xolta by arteestx is 100 - and is adults only, for you lookie-loos under 18! He also tells me it's going through some changes… I'm intrigued folks, how about you? If you'll just come 'round this curtain here folks…

Cryosis wants to tell all that Lost Chapters of Megaman will soon be 100 - and as a testament to skoolmunkee's Newsatonic, he'll be holding an event where the readers will be able to affect how the comic will progress! He'll post rules with the 100th page (coming on the 16th)!

OmegaHedgehog tells me that Death By Pixel is far from dead- in fact it's reached 100! Not bad for a hedgehog, I say!

Gather round folks, gather round. I've got a secret I'm going to tell you today, so come a little closer. Yes you in the back. Listen closely friends, skoolmunkee's NewsaTonic isn't just a way to win friends, isn't just a way to influence people, isn't just a cure for all those aches pains coughs colds and hangnails, it also is a true-blue recipe for long-lasting potency. That's right, “high producers” swear by skoolmunkee's NewsaTonic and when you see these testimonials you'll see why:

teagle and his Rumf Adventures have reached 300 folks, 300! How amazing is that? Let's give him a hand!

Dragon City by Sameth - yes the very same as above- has turned 200! Now a double dose of skoolmunkee's NewsaTonic isn't for everyone folks - not everyone can handle it you see - but sometimes you've just got to take the risk. Look where it's gotten Sameth! He's positively prolific (watch out ladies!)

In fact I'm so prepared to put my money where my mouth is, how about a little contest? What do you say folks? Shall I let hpkomic tell you more?

I have set up a drawing contest where the winner can win a Microsoft Zune music and video player, as well as some original drawings and a character designed around their specifications.

This is all to celebrate the return of Cosmic Dash starting next week with a couple summary pages concerning things that were in print and that the web may have missed.

So, if you want to win a brand-new high-range portable media device, visit the contest page for details!
I know he's a little hard to see there in that hat, but he's speaking from the heart my friends. Remember yall, brought to you by skoolmunkee's NewsaTonic!

Now wait, just wait, I think I've got something else for you eager folks. Yes I can see that some of you are just a bit skeptical about how wonderful skoolmunkee's NewsaTonic is- how about another contest?

My comic MOSAIC is having a contest in which the top 3 winners get a cameo from the comic of their choosing in MOSAIC. More info can be found on this page.

Now folks I've got a little bit of sad news for you. Yes, it's sad, but also a bit new and exciting too - and skoolmunkee's NewsaTonic is just the thing for it. The long-lived and much-loved comic Penis is coming to its end - its creator marine tells us it has only a few weeks left. On the other side of the coin, I've done a bit of investigating (I couldn't just give you that sad news without a bit of good), he's going to be starting a new comic, The Stream. Yes, skoolmunkee's NewsaTonic is useful for all the best and worst situations, beginnings and ends, all the important spots inbetween, it's truly versatile.

Now you'll all have to pardon me, I've been up here talking so much about the miracles of skoolmunkee's NewsaTonic and I can see the eager lights in your eyes. I'm gonna step down here and you can come and ask me questions, send me a PQ if you want some NewsaTonic for yourself, or maybe we can have us a nice conversational chat. I'm gonna let y'all know some good news about our friends at the GigCast while I'm at that, so thank you all for your time, and thank you for your interest in skoolmunkee's Newsatonic- you won't be disappointed!

NightGig Studios is proud to announce that it's Webcomic centric news, review and entertainment podcast, "The Gigcast" is becoming part of the FarPoint Media Podcast Network.

FarPoint Media, the Indie Podcast Network that offers audio and video podcasts for audiences of all ages and interests, has recently joined with Podango. Which, according to Michael R. Mennega, founder and CEO of FarPoint Media: "…offers us a complete and reliable hosting solution with full WordPress integration, robust ad insertion capabilities and a variety of easy-to-use management tools, lets us concentrate on creating and delivering the best audio content for our growing legion of online fans."

The network is expanding its program lineup with new channels of podcasts. The Gigcast will now be found on the FPM: Comics Channel, devoted to comic books, webcomics, graphic novels and comic art.

Current and new subscribers to The Gigcast should update to the new Gigcast RSS Feed to continue receiving The Gigcast uninterrupted.



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